Bayside Beacon complaints policy

Last updated on 29 January, 2024.

Bayside Beacon values the input of our readers, including their suggestions, inquiries, and grievances. We make it a priority to be attentive and responsive.

As a member of the Local and Independent News Association (LINA), Bayside Beacon upholds the editorial standards set by the association.

Rights of our readers

Readers can reach out to us to seek a correction, clarification or retraction of an article, or to provide advice for future reference.

Should readers be unsatisfied with our handling of their complaint, or believe we have violated LINA’s editorial guidelines, they are welcome to report this to the association directly by clicking here.

Contacting us

To communicate with Bayside Beacon, readers can email us at [email protected], ask for a phone call through this email, or send a message or comment via our social media platforms. It is important for readers to identify themselves and mention the specific article in question.

We ask that all complaints are expressed respectfully.

Possible outcomes

Bayside Beacon will issue corrections or clarifications for any reported factual inaccuracies. These will be corrected on our online platforms and acknowledged in the concerned article.

Article retractions or removals are subject to the editor’s discretion. It’s important to note that such retractions might not instantly affect search engine results, and already sent emails cannot be revoked.

Complaints about ethics

If a reader believes Bayside Beacon has not acted ethically, he or she may make a complaint to the Australian Press Council using the procedure outlined on its website. The Bayside Beacon is currently in the process of joining the Press Council in the interest of ethical accountability.

In cases where a reader believes Bayside Beacon has breached legal boundaries, we request that complaints be made in writing or through a legal representative.

Response timeframes

Bayside Beacon aims to respond to all written suggestions, ideas, inquiries, and complaints within two business days and strives to resolve complaints by the end of the following week whenever feasible.

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