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Meet Chris Sturgess, from Naked Health Personal Training

The health coach empowering mums with young children in Bayside.

Chris Sturgess from Naked Health Personal Training. Image: Supplied

What do you do? I am a holistic health coach and personal trainer, helping women with young kids take control of their health. I run outdoor group training for pre and postnatal women, with on-site nannies to take care of the little ones.

How long have you been in Bayside? I moved to the area and started running my outdoor personal training business in 2017.

What's your favourite spot in Bayside? I move around the area depending on the season, so I know a lot of the parks. My favourite spot is a quiet little bush park called Hawthorne Street Reserve in Ramsgate. I love being near nature, and this park makes you feel like you’re somewhere out of Sydney.

Where can people get in touch? Either on my Instagram page, or by visiting my website. Or pick up the phone, I much prefer a real human conversation 🙂

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