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Meet Danielle and Shaily, from Botannix Yoga Studio and Kavanah Care

Merging yoga and remedial care to create a wellness hub in the heart of Botany.

Danielle Belleli recently took over ownership of the much-loved Botannix Yoga Studio. As part of the revamp, Danielle has brought in her close friend and women’s health professional, Shaily Nadav, who runs Kavanah Care from the studio’s treatment room.

What do you do?

Danielle: I’m the new owner of Botannix Yoga Studio. I've been practising yoga for years and doing retreats in Bali, and all that kind of stuff. I also have a pilates degree and used to teach at a gym in Bondi. When I heard that the Botannix Studio was up for sale, I instantly in my heart felt there was no other choice. Like, I am going to be the new owner.

Shaily: I'm a remedial massage therapist and run the treatment room out of Botannix Yoga Studio. I studied remedial massage first and then at the same time I did a pregnancy massage specialised course. So that's my focus, I do remedial pregnancy, postpartum and labour prep.

How did you both meet?

Shaily: Danielle and I know each other through friends, but we mainly got closer when we were pregnant. Our babies are actually six days apart so we spent a lot of time doing classes here at Botannix when we were pregnant and we got really close during that time.

What do you specialise in?

Danielle: As a new owner, I want to tick all the boxes in my classes. From beginner to really advanced yoga, we cater to everybody. It’s a mixed bag, you have young people, older people and mums and bubs.

Shaily: It's women's health-focused, particularly relating to pregnancy. There's an acupuncturist on Wednesday and Saturday, we also do womb healing, reiki and sound healing. Another remedial masseuse Yvonne does a bit of myofascial cupping and uses red light therapy in her treatments.

What should people know about the new Botannix Studio?

Danielle: The idea is to create this hub of wellness, a space where people can come to yoga, have a chat and have a coffee or lunch afterwards, not just go do their class and leave. We really want to grow the community. We're going to do an infrared sauna and eventually ice baths as well so that we can really start doing day retreats. In the next few weeks, we’re making a lot of changes: renovations, focusing on filling up the timetable, introducing different kinds of teachers with a range of styles and backgrounds and getting some male energy in the room as well.

How can people get in touch?

Danielle: You can get in touch by our website or through Instagram at @botannixyogastudio. People can still come and try our intro offer, $50 for 14 days, to try all the classes.

Shaily: Instagram is the best place to message us, at @kavanah_care.

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