Meet Laura Solano, creator of The Free Nip

The artist creating functional ceramic ware that celebrates womanhood, diversity and body neutrality.

Laura Solano, creator of The Free Nip. Image: Supplied

What do you do? I craft functional ceramic ware with boobies to celebrate womanhood, diversity and body neutrality. All is done from my small (but inspiring) home studio. The project is woman-oriented and has very much to do with the healing journey most of us go through to accept and care for our bodies and true selves.

Where are you based? Brighton-Le-Sands.

What's your favourite hidden gem in Bayside? Without a doubt the parks and trails all around. My favourite are the ones hidden in Scarborough Park and Barton Park. If I need a coffee fix, I'll definitely go to Kosta's on West Botany Street.

Where can people support your work? If you want to see behind the scenes of a home ceramic studio, you can follow my Instagram page To read more about the brand ethos or browse the current pieces, feel free to visit the website. I also host 1:1 beginner lessons on the wheel and boobie workshops in the studio. I am always super thankful for support, whichever form it takes.

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