Five reasons to support Bayside local businesses

Here's why we're big fans of Bayside's local businesses.

In Bayside, our local businesses aren't just shops - they're integral parts of our community. The pandemic made us value them more as they provided our essentials, right at our doorstep. Here’s why we should continue to choose local.

Locals build community connections

Local businesses in Bayside aren't just places to buy things; they're a lifeline to the community. They sponsor our kids' sports teams, contribute to school fundraisers, and get involved in community events. Supporting these businesses keeps these invaluable community connections and funding streams alive.

Better for the environment

Our shopping habits can have a real impact on the environment. Shopping locally means less travel and less fuel consumption. Plus, shopping in physical stores often means less packaging, especially plastic waste, compared to online purchases.

Fostering originality

Local businesses offer a different kind of shopping experience. They're not just big box chain stores that are the same everywhere. They're unique, often offering goods you can't find elsewhere. Your support helps nurture this diverse marketplace.

Get the personal touch

Local shops stand out in providing a personalised shopping experience. You get to know the staff, and they get to know you and your preferences. They might be more inclined to help you find that specific item you're looking for. There's a sense of warmth in these interactions you don't typically get with big chains.

A glimpse at entrepreneurship for kids

One often-overlooked aspect of supporting local business is the potential inspiration it offers to our young people. Observing local business owners and engaging with them can open their eyes to entrepreneurship as a viable career path, all within the comfort of their hometown.

So, next time you're about to make a purchase, why not consider shopping locally? Not only does it provide an interesting shopping experience, but it also supports our community, our environment, and maybe even the dreams of a future entrepreneur in Bayside.

Want to give a shout-out to a local business? Let us know in the comments below.

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