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New safety measures to be implemented at Botany Rd-Hale St intersection

Bayside Council to install new bollards and signage to stop illegal truck turns from damaging property and risking road safety.

The Bayside Council is addressing the issue of illegal left turns by trucks from Botany Road into Hale Street.

In a report submitted to the Traffic Committee meeting last week, Council staff raised concerns “in relation to illegal left turn movements by vehicles over 6.0m from Botany Road into Hale Street causing damage to public assets and safety risks to road users.”

Currently, left turns from Botany Road into Hale Street are prohibited for vehicles over six meters long, as indicated by signs at the traffic signals. To enforce this restriction, the intersection's curb has been designed to make left turns difficult for longer vehicles.

However, vehicles over six meters long still make left turns through a reverse manoeuvre and pass through the narrow section of Hale Street, typically early in the morning or late at night when the area is less busy.

What is Bayside Council’s Traffic Committee?

The Traffic Committee is a group of traffic experts who advise the Council on local traffic issues. The Committee meets monthly to assess proposals and ensure they align with current technical guidelines. It consists of Council staff and local external specialists.

Due to these illegal left turns, the traffic lights on the southwestern corner of the intersection, as well as the curb and gutter, are frequently damaged.

During a recent site inspection, tire marks were observed on the concrete pedestrian waiting area, indicating that long vehicles were mounting the curb between the two pram ramps to navigate the intersection. This creates a safety hazard for pedestrians.

To deter vehicles from attempting this illegal left turn and mounting the curb, causing further damage, the recommended actions are designed to raise driver awareness of the vehicle length restriction and address the damage and pedestrian safety issues.

Council staff recommended the installation of three crash-resistant steel bollards, the installation of a ‘No Entry - Vehicles Over 6.0m’ sign, and that the existing ‘No Entry Vehicles Over 6.0m’ sign be relocated closer to the intersection.

Recommended improvements to be placed on the intersection of Hale Street and Botany Road. Image: Bayside Council

Further, the recommendation was made for a ‘Vehicles Over 6.0m’ with left arrow sign be attached to the existing sign on Hale Street, directing trucks onto Underwood Avenue.

Similarly, a ‘Vehicles Over 6.0m’ with right arrow sign to be installed on Underwood Avenue, directing trucks onto Hale Street towards Foreshore Road.

Recommended improvements to be placed at the corner of Underwood Avenue and Hale Street. Image: Bayside Council

Council will also request that local police patrol the location.

Minutes from the Traffic Committee meeting can be found here.

The costs for these works is estimated between $25,000-$30,000 and it’s proposed to use the 2023/24 Traffic Committee Program budget to undertake these works in July 2023.

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