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Q&A with Heffron’s state election candidates (Part 2)

Candidates from the Liberal Party and Sustainable Australia Party make their pitch

Francis Devine (Liberal) and Ann Godfrey (Sustainable Australia Party). Images supplied

Quotations have been lightly edited for concision and readability.

Francis Devine, Liberal

What do you think the electorate’s biggest issue is right now?

Cost of living is clearly the biggest issue in the area. This is a pressure that everyone in NSW, really everyone in the country, is facing.

What are your concrete ideas for improving this issue?

Support for families is my top priority. The Perrottet Liberal Team has initiatives for both right now and into the future. Families can access vouchers for Back To School, Active Kids, Creative Kids, First Lap, Energy Saver and also Toll Relief.

What have you learned while campaigning?

Families are facing pressures on their budgets and that’s why the Liberal Perrottet Team is the government to guide the state through these challenging economic times and keep NSW moving forward.

What separates you from other candidates?

I want to be the voice for this community and be a real advocate for the families and locals in Heffron. As a solicitor advocate practising in courts across the State almost every day, I have the experience and skill to be that effective voice in the NSW Parliament. We face uncertain economic times in the future and that’s why Heffron needs strong advocacy.

Ann Godfrey, Sustainable Australia Party

What would you say are the Heffron electorate’s biggest issues right now?

Sustainable Australia Party is campaigning to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption. This is because the electorate is telling us that these are their key concerns and are not being addressed by the major parties. In particular, high-rise overdevelopment is undermining the amenity of Heffron.

What are your concrete ideas for improving those issues?

To stop overdevelopment, we would return real planning powers to local communities through their Council, and ensure that the NSW State Government or any of their planning panels cannot override local planning decisions.

What have you learned while campaigning?

I have learned that the community is losing trust in the major parties. They are tired of vested interests determining policy, such as planning decisions. We need a science and evidence-based approach to public policy that puts our community first.

What separates you from other candidates?

I bring a wealth of experience in architecture and design, as well as policies that directly address the drivers of much-too-rapid overdevelopment. I’m running for the NSW Legislative Assembly to de-corrupt politics in NSW and implement sustainable solutions for our future.

Do you have a favourite hidden gem in the area?

I’m not sure if it’s a hidden gem, but our local parks and green spaces provide both mental and physical health benefits in an increasingly overdeveloped area.

In case you missed it: Philipa Veitch (The Greens), Rachel Evans (Socialist Alliance) and Linda Paull (Animal Justice Party) made their pitch in Part 1.

Sarina Kilham (Independent) and Ron Hoenig (Labor) were not available for an interview before our deadline. We’ll update this post if they become available.

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